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Word-Eating Monster Poem #2

August 4, 2011

Thank you very much to Linda and The Invisible Ninja Cat! Here’s the second poem in the Word-Eating Monster series.

The Word-Eating Monster is Frustrated in Its Endeavors

I can conjure you! I can snap my fingers and make you live

an aspect with each word

the stars the dreams the lush the mean are dust–see how they now exist at my command.

Yet I am powerless:

I only peddle in words,

words, words, words!

I can break and I can create

I can plink a thousand heartstrings and sing a song of glory

to match the ages’s whimsy

I have seen them fall in love a thousand times, die a thousand times, and love a thousand times more Each scenario an aspect of another

all mirror housed together

and connected with a thrumming

thread of scarlet

Yet I can’t pick the pieces

I let the cracks grow

and the thread fray

for you, anyway.

And it hurts and it hurts and you hurt



Fall on the sword and I fall too, heads bash together,

hearts crash each other

collision precision division

I keep going and you just



I hit the floor and you stay frozen

a dozen dozen dozen


the tiles are hard the tiles are weak the books are thick the mouth leaks


you hurt you hurt you hurt

and I can’t stop it

even though I am the monster

Beep beep beep

monitor the heart monitor the lungs monitor the mind and you have only half of what’s been left behind

so die die die


fight fight fight

you can do it

I created you so you could do it

you’re not meant to fall

but all the rest is whiteness

the future that was is gone

the you in my head could do it

choose choose choose

please don’t lose

I can’t help you much

(cause you don’t let me and

I’ve failed you before)

with love, the word-eating monster



Sing my heart to sleep

still the rapid beat

a lullaby for the word-eating monster


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  1. The word eating monster has a softer side, seemed more safely here. Definitely a great contrast with 1 & 3.

    • Thank you so much again!!!!! Yeah, I’m trying to show how the monster is complex creature, just like how words, writing, and living are very complex. And the monster is definitely not an all-powerful being. Your point about safety is very interesting too….hmmmmm. *ponder, ponder, off to write more* Feel free to elaborate!

  2. Invisible Ninja Cat permalink

    Ooh, awesomeness. Really the only thing that pokes me is the “love a thousand times more” bit. I keep thinking “more” should be “again” for the sake of the rhythm. The “choose choose choose/ please don’t lose” line is awesome too, by the way. It’s sounding almost like a spoken word poem. Fun stuff. 🙂

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