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Word-Eating Monster Poem #3

August 10, 2011

Poem the third in this series!

The Word-Eating Monster has a Headache

Spin me some whimsy, spin me some rhyme

the spins of silk fall one at a time

draped across my psyche


What? Take that match away, I don’t want–

Gah ouch pain

All the spider silk aflame

an explosion in my brain

rings rings rings

screams screams screams



blinding from the inside

the back of my eyeballs

burn first

too much light, too much radiance

I can’t vision anything else now

beams of red, lasers of white emit into the night

I can’t see I can’t see I can’t see

See me from space see me from the stars see me from Mars

and now everyone will find me

you stupid fool

What have you done?

(can’t find my way: stumble in the dark touch another spark)

Why has this changed me so?

Who had any right to come along and alter, desire, transform, metaphorize

the WoRd-EaTiNg MoNsTeR?

I was enough before:

Now I am a terror,

terror horror design

All the silk spun into a ball

so compact so rigid so tight

and then morphed to a car bomb

inside my mind.

(How can a body take it?

How do I not have scars

from an accident like that?)

it hurts and it hurts and it hurts even more

flower blossom of flame, dandelion of ash, weed of ignition

rain roar and thunder pour

for I am the word-eating monster,


Banshee devil

mustn’t mettle


I am the word-eating monster

I eat them I eat them I devour them whole


From → Poetry

  1. Awesome. “For I am the word eating monster…” Just awesome. Way to go. I know that’s not very articulate, but that’s how much I enjoyed it.

  2. Invisible Ninja Cat permalink

    First four lines are made of win. The “lengthwise” just makes it.

    Two twiddly things – 1. The “Gah” doesn’t do it for me. Maybe “no” or “oh” or something? “Gah” sort of stretches where everything else is sharp and crisp, with a definite end. 2. Is mettle supposed to be meddle?

    Also – that thing is SCARY. I’m getting the Moriarty vibe again. (Not that THAT’s difficult to do, with me….) The burning and the blindness and the car bomb really work well together. Epic win, you.

  3. Grandma Mary permalink

    This poem seems to describe my migraine light flashes. I like the flow of words.

    • haha! That’s the best description I’ve heard so far! I’m glad I captured that feeling, even a little. The best thing about this poem series is the flow, in my opinion.

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