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Word-Eating Poem #5

August 25, 2011

Here’s another one!  Thank you NavWorks for subscribing!!!!

August 28, 2011 edit: Just tweaked a few lines.  I like it a bit more now.

The Word-Eating Monster Meets Someone and is Unhappy

Two mouths to feed

four hands to lead

two hearts to beat

Who knew we’d meet

Yet must be careful not to consume

we cloak each other in words: weave them together, wrap them up, trim them with adverbs and exclamations and paltry phrases and then:

bite through them with pure feeling,

little words (or absence) make tears

because even monsters cry

So I arsenal the mountain: the

Hall made of Dickens, the Bailey made of Bronte, the Keep made of Orwell.  Come at me.

For I, at least, am the word-eating monster.

But it doesn’t matter. Not to you.

Because you glass-maker blow it away like it never was, never existed, never was meant to be.  Never, never, never.

Shatter a thousand little nevers and I am left on a desert plain with river gorges enough to drown in

and drown I shall

Down, down, down

can’t fight the non-air

little silver bubbles escape

with oxygen and rainbows enough to create another being

the cloak–the cloak I made out of your words–drags me down,

forces me under (lights me on fire but I’m drowning aren’t I?)

swirls around feet

and ankles

and legs

and is tangled in my heart and stomach and all my other words

‘cause those words are the only ones I care about now

the only ones I truly hear,

the only ones the echo and echo until all the rest are rock wall and plankton

the only ones that bring comforting light in this underwater darkness


I can big-bang a universe

story the stars

hydrogen the elements

make it rain comets and meteors and gravitate planets

I can enthrall the oceans enslave the mountains ensnare the wind

but not you.

I can’t even tell you

for fear of disappearing

and being left with

nothing’s nothing

You, my bubble of glass, my little figurine of blue and white yet holding

all the colors

that I can circle my fingers ‘round.

I could destroy you! I’ve planned out the words to make

me lost and you lost forever

But I don’t want you destroyed

I want to keep you,

my little glass humanoid,

for that forever

encased in my embrace

squashing me with a jagged ball of filtered light

I’ll hold you as much as I can

clasp your hand

pull me up get me out tell me what to do, help me help me help a monster

in exchange I’ll

spin you futures

bear enough universes

hoping one of them

will fit us

[don’t leave me]

glug glug drown


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  1. Invisible Ninja Cat permalink

    Yipes. This one’s a wee bit traumatizing. I like it, but I almost don’t want to. Same with whether I want to know where these things come from.

    I’m seeing a burning/drowning thing linking all of the poems – I really like it, but it’s more than a little terrifying.

    I’m really liking the way you’re using nouns as verbs – very fun. Arsenal the mountain, big-bang the universe, etc.

    Maybe instead of “You glass maker blow it away,” maybe “You glass maker shatter it”? I think you’re trying to get glass-blowing in there, but I think maybe making glass and shattering it have the feel you’re trying to get.

    Also, “you, my bubble of glass” is heartbreakingly sweet and tender, considering the context of the relationship.

  2. What is the relationship described? I mean, I know what I’m thinking, but what do you think?

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