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“All my poems are love songs to you”

September 22, 2011

So instead of continuing “Maux” I whipped up a poem for this week.  It picks up a few themes suggested in “Just thinking of you” (if you interpret that poem as a love poem that is.  Like the speaker is trying the bring the scene to the beloved and commenting on the world’s cruelty. Again, that’s ONE interpretation and you can get whatever you like out of it).  The post title is a little phrase I thought of (thanks to the Beatles).  In the unlikely event this poem becomes a series, then “All my poems are love songs to you” would be the series title.  Anyway, enjoy!



I’m packing

away all the emotion,

all the feelings,

all my memories,

of you


(humans are only made of memories)


Packing tape the boxes

of clothes I’ve worn with you

pictures we’ve taken

conversations we’ve had

All confined

to flimsy cardboard


(because the world is too painful without you)


So I box away my locket heart

put it in storage

for a while


It’ll be there

when distance ends,

the dust settled

I’ll break open the clasp


In the meanwhile,

I send all my love songs

to you


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