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A rather broken bouquet for you.

October 5, 2011

Here is a random conglomeration of poetic phrases of bits that I keep thinking of.  But I don’t know what to do with them!  They’re like…mini-poems…bite-size prose.  I dunno, I put a * to separate them.  Any you particularly like or want to see expanded?


Beyond the comfort of your arms

is a dark road to travel

but come with me

and I’ll not be

(quite so)



I left my soul at Riechenbach

somewhere in the falls

drowning down the cliffside

it took my heart away

Meet me back at Riechenbach

(leave my soul at Riechenbach)


I saw the sad robot with its sad balloons

it muttered out a lonely tune

but all is found and nothing lost

on skipping ponds and wanderlust


sending all my love songs to you

(all my poems are love songs to you)


I love you, I love you, I really really love you. I wrap your words around me like a blanket in the night, to send me dreams and comfort until the morning light.


Being non-poetic now, this one is from an email with a friend, which I’m posting here so I don’t forget about it (again).  “If you’re not using your shower then of course it’s going to get boxes in it.  That’s very sensible.  Your backyard is probably going to be full of boxes too along with all the other stuff that’s in there.  And then they’ll grow wild among all the plants and start their own box colony with strange cardboard rituals and treaties with the wasps/vegetable plants and then build box cities and have box trade routes and discuss box equality and politics and elect box presidents and develop box spaceships that zoom to other yards to start more box civilizations.  And then the world will explode ’cause that’s the only ending I can think of and it will probably happen eventually.”

Yeah, some good times right there. I don’t know what kind of emotional, boxy crack I’m smoking either. Postscript: I don’t do drugs, but just get really high on life.

Until next week! =D


From → Fiction, Poetry

  1. Hmmm, very interesting mate! The overall theme seems to be love or love lost. It would seem we as humans seem to gravitate towards that theme!

    • heehee: indeed. Or at least I do. I was just looking at all my posts and love/love lost is in ALL of the poems and then the prose is kind of…rants or random magic with box colonies and such. Love is such a universal experience, something a vast majority of us humans want, that it is unsurprising that it keeps popping up. I think. At least there’s a lot of love poetry out there.

  2. Love is a big part of a human being’s life. We search for it; longing to be satisfied by that special someone who has to be out there.

    I would definitely have to agree that this theme can be found throughout history, so it is nothing new as far as a literary genre is concerned. Loving others is one of the most important aspects of being human; without love we are nothing!

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