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“An Explosion, disappearing” Poem

October 5, 2011

This, again, is a poem I wrote/edited awhile ago (November 2010 to be exact).  But here it is! Enjoy!

An Explosion, disappearing


Color two friends

We speak in shimmering rainbows

Against the sky of inky black to touch the stars

Pendulum the waves

Trace them from the guarded harbor

A touching caress for ethereal steam of tea


Then the moonbeams stop

Then confusing clouds swirl ‘round heads

Then a well-meaning ship launched as a venture

And then: explosion


A cannonball of pain and hurt

I don’t know what is right; God help me!

The finger words trail

the shattering of wooden rails


No time for old hands to shakingly sew the torn canvas


Resist the white waves.

Grasp hold of the disappearing

I do not know whether to let go or hold fast


Bob towards the stars

I remember what it is like

to speak and scry in the arch of shimmer rainbows


From → Poetry

One Comment
  1. Like. Had to look up the definition of scry, “divine by gazing into crystals”. That connected with a recent Nobel news story:

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