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Return of “all my poems are love songs to you” series (?)

October 12, 2011

Thank you everyone for the lovely response to my last posts!  I guess I’m taking my love poems and putting them all under one series title because, in all technicality, they are all inspired by the same emotion.  Will I ever tire of filling the world with silly love songs? No.  Probably not.  And yes that was a Moulin Rouge reference because I really like Moulin Rouge.

Passing Stranger

(in the spirit of Walt Whitman’s “To a Stranger”)


I have seen you

with himself or herself

and thirty years of children


I have seen you

dying and crying and lying

and absconding and abducted


I have seen you

being here and there

and passer by and say goodbye


Weren’t we lovers once?

Or brothers or sisters

or best friends or enemies?

I don’t remember

(You are a wisp of my dreaming)


Out of the corner of my eye

you’ve been walking and talking

for a long time now


the empty space beside me

that I turn to

that was you, wasn’t it?


From → Poetry

  1. I like the last line. It reminds me of something I would say. 🙂

    • Heehee. I didn’t make the direct correlation in my head, but unconsciously yes, I could be mimicking you. I finally picked up some Whitman the other day (you bought me a book, but I haven’t read it) and found the “To a Stranger” poem. I liked the feeling of it and wrote this poem which is basically the same idea/feeling.

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