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“The Mexican Flea Market” Poem

October 25, 2011

Here’s another oldie for you! I first wrote this a little over a year ago.  It’s got nothing to do with love, shockingly. It kind of began my fire phase (ie the phase in which all the poems have to do with fire/water/explosions/eyeballs)

The Mexican Flea Market


On the beach watching

the perfect ceramics and tacos pass each eye

The baubles proceed from shelf to pocketbook

leisure, step by step


And a tempting hand extends

shattering the one-way glass


You cringe

being petrified to death aimlessly

(that is, the petrification had no aim)

Your legs imagine

being burned alive

by the swollen eye of the very angry deity

just vaporizing nerves


“Perdóneme, pero…”

They’re the only coins I have!



Everyone always applauds the hero

The irises slowly slide

to his appearing form


Don’t forget

his exploits

Whichever comes first



Let all the spoils float by themselves in the swaying ocean


From → Poetry

  1. Quite beautiful – love it.

  2. Sunborn permalink

    If you can do as well as this, when only breaking sentences, you must write magnificent stuff in a real meter.

    • Hahaha, I wish. I find really meaningful poems much harder to write than longer prose because in prose you have more room to explain and expound, while poems are much more compact creatures. I admire poets a lot because they do so much work with so much fewer words.

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