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Word Study Poem

November 22, 2011

Sorry I missed last week. I got a bit busy.  Here’s another old one that isn’t very spectacular, but raises some interesting questions for me anyway.


I have tried to be

THAT word

But have never really looked at it.

Only gazed longingly at models

Look: self. less.


Does that imply an absence of self?

I have less self than you!  Aren’t I better?

But doesn’t that mean I am nearing empty?


And “selfish”

Do I have too much self?  An “ish” more than absent?

I have more self than you!  Aren’t I worse?

Too much identity, too much awareness, too much focus on this sense-of-self-soup

As opposed to less identity, less awareness, less focus in a draining self soup

Odd, isn’t it?


I guess I fill it with others’ selves

and there is less “me” to go around

Because my little self can fly and glow

with love for others


But I must be careful not to lose my minuscule self.

Guard it from transforming

completely into other’s needs and at all not my own.


Cause then I’ll just be

gone and alone


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