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Ode to Skype Poem

December 14, 2011

Hello! I may not post next week, depending on how things go.  I’ve got some heavy-duty traveling to do.  I feel the below poem could go from “good poem” to “excellent poem” if I put more work into it. We’ll see.  Oh and yes I have been using video-chat a lot lately and, while I relish what I do see, it can also be very, very frustrating as I become aware of what I’m NOT seeing.

Ode to Skype

(I know the language of your body

and how it paints your words

fills their clear lettered lines

like a child’s coloring book)


But, you, Skype, you tantalizing tease,

have too small a camera!

I cannot see.

You hide the flicking of the hips

the hyperstring of fingers,

the sashays of the elbows,

the edgings of the stomach.


Your grain obstructs the pallor of

the skin, the circles under eyes

the lag

beguiles the corners of the mouth, the widening of the pupils

the pinkness of the ears


And you mar the perfect voice.

you’d make the angels stutter

the thurm, the hum, the organized letters

don’t match the manipulation of the tongue

all backed up or bursting

jarring the melody of tone

I wonder if you’re tone deaf.


But most of all the spacing!

My friend cannot fit inside

my little computer box

There’s no scent or warmth or occupation

to fill my lonely room.

It remains cold.

It remains dark.


(So I know the language of your body,

my dear departed soul,

but Skype, the bastard, won’t

let me see the half of it!)


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  1. ah, but is it better to be viewed than never viewed at all?

    • True, true. I do appreciate what I do get to see with Skype/videochat. Just sometimes the little taste becomes more frustrating because I know what I’m missing.

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