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Othering Poem

January 20, 2012

Hello! I want to make sure I don’t abandon this blog again, so here’s an old poem for you. This time next week I’ll have a good one, I promise. But in the meantime, here’s one to think about.



Let’s play a game

It involves pretending

(are you ready for that?)

But it is not that complicated.


See the things other there?

Yes, way over there

They are nothing.


Let’s pretend

they have no dreams

nor hearts that beat

They have no hopes or minds or God-ward souls

or even bodies.

They are just carbon dust!


They have no families or aspirations or thoughts or words or anything

no reasons no life no air no DNA

No, they don’t have a hopeful gal’s picture pressed to their chest

to kiss every night

Or mothers and fathers that light a candle in prayer over their return


They have nothing.


They are nothing.


We can do what we want with them.

They are across an invisible line where the unreachable lie.


His toes stretch and feel the soft soil murmuring against the line

Just to feel a hint of what it is like on the other side


‘There is nothing out there.  Nothing out there for miles’


‘But I see–’

‘That is nothing.’


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