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I don’t even know what this is

March 13, 2012

So this poem-rap-thing grew out of a very sleep deprived conversation with a friend.  If anyone would like to tell me what on earth I am doing, feel free because even I don’t know.  There’s also no title.

that’s the man keeping us down

da man.

 da man man.

da man of alllll the man mans.

he be keepin’ us down



lame down

down down

look up

BAM poetry.


Aw yeah, we gotta fight da man

he ain’t no man until you say ‘he da man’

you look out da window and you see da grit

and BAM that grit be poetry.


And you hear da sounds goin’ ‘round the street

take it for your own and then

BAM it be poetry.


You keep breathin’ and BAM you got poetry.


Your brother moves and your sister moves and BAM they got poetry too

despite all the man mans, and all da lies of the man man

your whole life is BAM, poetry.


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One Comment
  1. My brain just made a sort of fizzling sound. So that was sort of weird. But I really like the poem! 🙂 Really like the “BAM, poetry” bits. Very cool. Off to go reply to emails now…

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