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Freelance Editing Open for Business

June 20, 2012

Last post for the night, I swear.  I write on this blog, but I’m also a pretty decent editor, bad wordpress formatting notwithstanding.  I’ve been helping my writing peers with their work since 2002 (middle school, baby, aw yes) and one of my friends is in the process getting her novella and novel published.  I’ve been in both college and high school workshop classes, am majoring in creative writing, and have been writing (and rewriting) my own work since forever.

I can do whatever you’d like me to with your manuscript, whether it’s copy-editing and proofreading or in-depth analysis on story flow, characters, or plot.  Also syntax and diction. Very important. I’m mainly looking for fiction, poetry, or non-fiction, but I can also do fanfiction, blog posts, or most anything. A school project or creative writing assignment even.

Since I’m not a professional or part of an organization, my price is very, very low. 25 cents a page while most editors charge $40-90 an hour. If you’re interested, please contact me at

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