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In which I do some shameless promototion for other blogs.

July 17, 2012


So…I haven’t been looking for the my monks as much as I probably should have been. To my defense, I was duly distracted by traveling. Speaking of traveling, you should go check out these other blogs. They are prettttyyyy snazzy if I do say so myself. And I obviously have no bias about them because they are definitely not run by my close companions that my giggling with constantly distracted me from running this blog. Yep. Yeps. Click the links, readers.

InvisibleNinjaCat ~ traveling abroad in Paris

Though started back in January, this blog details the excellent adventures of my dear friend the Invisible Ninja Cat. She interned with the French government and wrote a whopping 30+ page paper on a potential EU-wide renewable energy system. Because she is a Wonder Woman that eats prose for breakfast, she also found time to travel about, visit the kaleidoscope that is Paris’s museum scene, and indulge in the fabulous, exotic, and exhaustively delicious Parisian food. She’s back in Cali at the moment and is broadening her blogging scope to some truly magical and lovely jewelry-making (available for purchase incidentally), gardening, and most recently canning apricots. Plus lots of pictures! Check it:

Charlotte Blackwood

If you’re on this blog, you’re probably interested in writing and the writing process. If you’re interested in writing and the writing process, you’re probably interested in publishing and the publishing process. If you’re in the sliver of the population interested in writing, the writing process, publishing and the publishing process, congratulations to you. You should check out Ms. Blackwood’s blog. Charlotte is also a young writer, but unlike me can put a novel together in no time flat and ice your Hunger Games cake too. She’s basically live-blogging her process of finishing/getting published all her works. Currently her ever-expanding fires on the stove are a novella called “Those We Trust,” a novel called “To the Death”(which I’m supposed to be editing whoops I’m sorry dear), another novel concerning certain Morrison Girls, a novel series concerning princesses, and a co-author piece concerning a cheating boyfriend. We also call her the Mistress of Dark Emotion. And she loves cheese, Tolkien, and David Thewlis. You have been warned.

Dreams of Geekdom

Are you a nerd? A fan? A geek? A normal person with a hidden obsessive streak that led you to watch every single thing a certain actor Benedict Cumberbatch for me had been in? In any case, if you like films, dreams, Freud vs Jung battles, and quirky internet interpreters, browse this spanking new blog. She chronicles her glittering film night-time fancies and then uses the ever-fun interwebs and her own savvy self to interpret them. You can also submit your own dreams if you want to follow that rabbit. I may submit some of mine if I can remember them properly.

  1. agrippinathebadass permalink

    HAHA thanks for the shoutout boo!

  2. Oh, love! 😀 But Morrison Girls is going to be a novel, not a novella. 😛 Also, I’ve begun work on the sequel to To the Death, which means you REALLY need to start editing like a maniac! 😛 jk, take your time.

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