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Mistress of History poem

August 15, 2012

I was looking at the people who follow this blog and a lot of them came for poetry. I’m in more of a prose mood at the moment, but here’s an oldie. This one is from high school and was published in our literary magazine.

Mistress of History

O, Mistress of History!

Dresses in white

Has thick, dark hair

Full of twists and knots

Residing in a tower tall

She sees everything from there

Into Hearts; into Minds


She leans down and writes

Just what she sees

In an even, round hand

Carefully, meticulously

Prejudice Unknown


O, Historians Abound!

Heart tethered to an earth

They see her notes

But in flashes, bias–

Permanently bent towards their work

Flicks of their pens

Spread thousands of twisting blots

across the pages


O, Students of History!

Unformed, untouched

Grounded to the very rock

Knowing almost nothing


The Historian’s scribbled notes

Searching for

the core

the truth



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