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The Bridge poem

August 15, 2012

Here’s the other poem that got put into my high school’s lit mag. It’s from a class assignment to write a story to go with a painting titled The Bridge, which I can’t seem to easily Google. Sad. But saying that, this poem is more concrete narrative than usual. Please enjoy!

The Bridge

It was an ordinary, seafaring day

The sun rose

But now is setting

It was dawn

Now is dusk


A man and a woman

Come to me

The man is slouching–

leaning for support

To make his proposition more real

He is dashing, gallant

Of physical and mental strength

His measuring, concerned eye

His bent but ready form


The woman is fine

A beautiful thing

With soft, simple elegance

But she is braced

Retort prepared

Equal strength rising from her limbs

Her mind as sharp as his


They calmly watched

The boats float

Gliding across the sea

As the sun dies


A dusty wind

Softly blows

The calm before the storm

It rushes in the air

With fingers in her hair

And on his cheek

With strong musing in his ear


The tempest rises to a force

It blows and gushes out

From his lips the storm breaks

Normality is no more

Her lightening strikes his heart

But he, undaunted, does persist

He explains exactly why

He must do this


She doesn’t care for

All his cold reasons why

She wants to know if his heart

Beats for her

And heaves as hers does nigh


She faces him, and turns around

Fire eyes to his

His are cool, watery

With twin lights

Reading hers


The rain comes down

Hard and fast

The misty clouds

Hold no fire anymore

The tempest rages in their hearts

Listen, to hear the roar


He reaches out

To hold her close

Bring star-crossed hearts together last

She wrenches from

And darts away

No kiss will hold her fast


The wild wind blows faster yet

As the couple spar

Strange forces intermingling

She’ll cross me first

And he after her


The dark descends

The wind to whisper

It gently blows the leaves and dust

On this empty bridge

In this ordinary,

seafaring day


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  1. agrippinathebadass permalink

    THIS IS KIND OF REALLY GREAT! Romance, the sea, old timey language, ALL OF MY LOVES!

    • Thank you! I had the tune of Gilligan’s Island stuck in my head when I wrote it so….EVEN MORE OCEAN AW YIS

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