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the awkward moment when you realize your character is a psychopathic superhero monk that resembles Liam Neeson in “Taken.”

September 10, 2012


This is a super quick update about my thesis, which still has no title, by the way. I thought of a series title, The Bound Chronicles, and I’m sure one of my friends will take pity and tell me that it’s awfully corny. Please. No, seriously: tell me if it’s terrible so I don’t get attached and then am all pouty about having to change it later.

Speaking of edits which I have to get accustomed to, my story outline and the Prologue have gone through a round! SO EXCITING! Everyone’s been very supportive of the story, saying it’s a nice idea, and that they’re eager to hear more. My thesis seminar just finished workshopping it and they gave me lots of tips for improving the Prologue. Oh yes, I forgot to mention: I wrote the Prologue, though I basically re-cast Brother Conn’s prequel story for it. My seminar members seemed to really like Brother Conn and his whole weirdness and were sad *SPOILER ALERT* that he doesn’t show up very much later. They decided that he’s a psychopathic superhero monk that resembles Liam Neeson from the film Taken. I have decided this is excellent. =D

Research for the book is going way slower now. I’m a bit sad. But I carry Anglo-Saxon England with me practically everywhere so there’s hope!

Besides that, I’ve been getting back into the school grove. Being in a thesis seminar means I’m back at college and I’m taking classes that are a) interesting and b) double as research for future historical fiction books (the perks of being a senior and having finished your GEs). I have to do some reading for those now, actually, so I’ll tell you about them later. In the meanwhile, remember that society is weird, tea is good, and exercise balls make excellent chairs.


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  1. Natalie, dear, I think the title is excellent. EXCELLENT. So if you get attached and are told to change it later, I suppose you can always blame me. Or Gale. 😛

    But your character sounds decidedly awesome. Does his voice resemble Liam Neeson, too? I think that would be a very fun monk voice.


    • YAY I’m glad the title sounds cool outside of my own head. Do you mean like the character’s actual voice? Or do you mean his written “voice?” I could actually picture him as Liam Neeson, like if my book turned into a movie. That’d be super cool. 😀

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