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I have an upshot in followers: it may be the apocalypse.

September 25, 2012

Since it’s 2012 and all, you can never be too careful. But hello everyone! Since there’s more of you now, I thought I would give a quick sum-up of what goes on in this space.

My name is Natalie Cannon. I write poetry and fiction. I edit other people’s work. Feel free to contact me if you want me to look at something.

Under the Poetry Tab, you can find all the poems I’ve posted. There are two series, “The Word-Eating Monster” and “All my poems are love songs to you.” The rest are on misc. topics, ranging from the difficulties of translation to Sherlock Holmes.

EDIT 11/3: Under the Fiction Tab, you will find only my prose works, but it does include the prose works relevant to my thesis. You will also find things about my editing business. The Thesis Tab has all the posts relating to my senior thesis. At the college I attend, everyone has to write a senior thesis and mine is going to be the first novel in a series (called The Bound Chronicles). This novel idea grew out of a short story I wrote called “Portraits.” It’s on this blog and the first part can be found here. I later wrote a prequel to “Portraits,” which can be found here. I began liveblogging my thesis journey on this post.

Please note that as I found more information on my thesis topic, I renamed the characters of the “Portraits” ‘verse. Eanna is now called Dubslaine, Connall is now called Macbeth, Maclinmun is Caibre, Ronan is Suibhne, Abbot Flann is Abbot Máel Pátraic. Conn is Conn. I will refer to these characters with their new names in any future posts.

Under the Personal Shindigs Tab, I have non-writing stuff like a poetry interpretation guide, promotion for other blogs, and stuff about editing.

Savvy? Would you like jelly baby? Hope the rest of your days goes swimmingly!

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