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Actually Quick Thesis Update

November 25, 2012

Hello all! Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

I’ve been more or less preparing for and then really feeling the food coma this week, so not much to report on the writing front. For my senior thesis, I can tell you that the Prologue and Chapter 1 are pretty much in their final form. Maybe not, publish-this-right-now ready, but the overhauling is finished.

For Chapter 2, I’m now plodding through research on Ancient Irish Celtic practices. As I go I keep having ideas for an epic back story for Maclinmun’s mother, and I might just sketch one out for fun. If I write her the way I want to write her, she’s probably going to be really liked by readers, but only actually around for a chapter. Like Brother Conn. Readers will know them more through the monklings’ flashbacks and thoughts about them, then the actual characters getting screen-time. Brother Conn is actually my teacher’s favorite character and has asked me to write more of him. So…prepare for twisted monk nightmares with Conn in a starring role!

In other news, Charlotte Blackwood’s e-novella Those We Trust is now available on iTunes! ISN’T THAT EPIC?  Woot! Woot! Just search ‘Those We Trust’ in the iTunes Store search bar and it should pop up as the only book under that title! Super easy, quick, and only $3.99!

In this suspenseful mystery, Harmony Boyd falls in love with a tabooed man and that love is returned. What the blossoming couple don’t know is that someone, someone they trust, is watching from the shadows, watching everything. What will the consequences of Harmony’s actions be, for her and everyone around her? It’s a novella that will keep you guessing!


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  1. When I’ve got an actual career, I need to pay you. Like, seriously. You’re almost like a PA.


    You do a great job, and I’d write you glowing references. 😛


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