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Just a Heads Up

December 16, 2012

I have finals this week so I don’t really have time for a proper blog post. Things that are cooking on the blog fire are:

  • Interview with Charlotte Blackwood
  • Notes from my Writer’s Weekend (may be posted on Charlotte’s Blog)
  • Thesis Update (this time on assuming the reader’s historical knowledge)
  • What is the point of a school essay?
  • Ancient History Poem
  • The Perfect, Middle Class Victorian Man Parody Prose

Everything won’t appear in that order, per se. The school essay one might come first. But yes: after December 21st, I am a free woman for a whole month in which I intend to write my thesis, write my thesis, and write my thesis (and celebrate Christmas!).

To keep you occupied though, have a link to viewing all of Elementary‘s latest episodes. It’s from the CBS’s website, so it’s completely legal and supports the show. The first episode is kind of ‘eh,’ but as you go it gets much, much, much better and vastly entertaining. There’s a great underlying theme of addiction and power dynamics going on, which is great. It’s also super hilarious that Holmes keeps having suspects that are also addicts of some sort. Once the season ends I’ll write a full review since this series is one that, like wine, tends to get better with age.

Other than that, good luck with finals for all those that still have them! Happy winter holidays!


  1. Aw, Natalie, dear, you always know how to make me feel special! 😀

    So glad I’m at the top of the list. 😛

    Enjoy your many projects!


    • Well, you’re lovely and should be at the top of lists, dear. =D

      This post actually got a lot of ‘likes’ too, so I’m going to try to be a good blogger and blog alllllll the proposed ideas. This is going to be a great!

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