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To continue the feminism & books theme…

May 27, 2013


So last post, we have a little bunny trail of feminism, gender, and publishing industry, which continued in the comments. Please do feel free to comment on any/all of my posts because I am learning and don’t know everything. Discussions and (polite) arguments are one of the best ways to learn things.

Anyway, the wondrous Charlotte Blackwood pointed out this new phenomenon: #Coverflip. Author Maureen Johnson tweeted that she was tired of males complaining that her book covers are “too girly” and that they kept telling her that they wanted to read her books, but felt they couldn’t do so due to the cover art. Johnson then challenged her followers to gender-reverse the covers of books, making them target the opposite-sexed audience. The results were very interesting, colorful, and fun!

The delighted Maureen Johnson wrote up an article about the startlingly response to her challenge here. And here is the Huffington Post article that features some of the newly created covers, which look really professional and wowser.


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  1. YAY! I knew you’d like that. I actually thought it was brilliant. It’s a good thought, though. I don’t know enough about Maureen Johnson’s covers to actually comment on whether or not they’re actually ‘too girly’, but what does it mean to ‘target your audience’? Does that have to be a gendered thing? I would hope not, unless you’re writing chick lit, or something.

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