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Relaxing, Job Applying, Star Trek-ing, & Writing

June 30, 2013


As we’re waiting for the final writes ups of my notes from the Ventura County Writer’s Weekend (the latest one is here), I thought I would update y’all on what’s going on with my life currently. And by “my life” I mean The Bound Chronicles.

After turning it in as my senior thesis, a bound version haha it’s a pun was submitted to Scripps College’s Denison Library, and a digital version was uploaded to Scholarship @Claremont, which is how the Honnold Mudd Library archives everyone’s theses (the Honnold Mudd Library serves all seven Claremont Colleges and is huge).

The dangers of this availability are evident: someone could read it, fix my typos, and publish it as their own work. I could have filled out the forms and things to not make my thesis internet accessible, but I wanted to leave something for any students wishing to do a similar project for their thesis. That being said, even though the digital entry for my thesis is here, you cannot download it unless you have a profile with Scholarship @Claremont i.e. you’re a student or a former student. It’s also copyrighted under my name and will mostly likely be taken down when I go to seriously publish the book.

Since turning the senior thesis version in, I haven’t done anything with it. Seriously. Many agents and editors encourage writers to take breaks from their major works, just to get perspective. You need to disengage and work on other projects so when you do come back to it, it’s with clearer eyes that can tell that this comma is unnecessary or this dialogue needs reworking. So I’ve taken a break and begun applying to more 9-5 publishing positions so I can have a day job I enjoy. I love working with authors and words. I’m hoping for a position that will put me on track to do that. The freelance work is going well at least. You may have noticed I have a new Testimonials page. Let me know if you want to put anything up there!

In addition, I saw the latest Star Trek: Into Darkness and came up with a new magical creature. Well, it’s more science fiction-y at the moment, but I’ve enjoyed tinkering with it. It’ll eventually be a short story, I think, but I’m still dreaming up how it operates and how it was created. Or they, rather. There’s more than one of them. I’m basically writing down whatever comes to my mind about it and I’ll pick and choose what I want to keep later.

I’m looking to soon get back into The Bound Chronicles and later today I’m going to set up an editing schedule. I want to give it one last bit of polish before I begin querying agents, and I have a few people who are more literary-focused and still want a looksie. I’m opting for a go at traditional publishing, because I would loooooooooooove to see my book in Barnes & Noble. It would be the best thing ever.

Hope everything’s going well for you all! Keep writing & revising & being awesome!

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  1. GO YOU

    My internet is a bit sketch over here, so I will do my best to get that post up for you sooner rather than later, but I make no promises on before I’m home.



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