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Summer Summaries

October 3, 2013


So… it looks like a stopped blogging over the summer and I apologize. Bit not good. But always know that if I’ve not been blogging, it’s because I’m busy in non-Wordpress life. Here’s a little update:

  • I got an internship! It’s with one of California’s best academic publishing companies, where I’m acting as their Editorial Intern. Some of you might have noticed my new Twitter account or seen be bopping around the ‘net looking for Peer Reviewers for our book proposals and manuscripts. I’m learning a lot about myself, publishing, and office life, which is invaluable! I’m super happy with the experience overall and my only wish is that I did it earlier.
  • I’ve been freelance editing up the whazoo! Four full manuscripts and around 5ish short stories since July. And I’m not done yet! It feels great to stretch my mind to the other side of editing after a day of working on the more organizational aspect at my internship.
  • My own stories have…rather stopped. One of my co-workers encouraged me to dust off my writer’s notebook this past weekend, so some ideas have been written down. As for actual writing, I’ll have a burst of inspiration, write 15 pages in one night, and then nothing for two weeks. Partly it’s because I’m juggling jobs. I’m on Chapter 8 of my Random Sci-Fi novel and I already know I’m going to want to rewrite everything eventually. For the monklings, I miss them. Painfully sometimes. I was having a major Dubslaine withdrawal yesterday and listening to all the Taylor Swift songs that reminded me of him (for those unfamiliar, Dubslaine is secretly Taylor Swift: her song “Haunted” is just too perfect). And then today got a shade Maclinmun-ish.
  • I’ve been watching Star Trek, the Original Series, to get in the mood for the Sci-Fi novel. I’m still on season 1 of Star Trek because there are like THIRTY EPISODES, YO. Goodness gracious. Yah just can’t get enough of Capt. Kirk being fab, amirite?
  • The lovely Charlotte Blackwood posted my Ventura County Writer’s Weekend write up of Today’s Publishing World! SO EXCITE! The last segment, on literary agents, should be up in the next month or so.
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