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Guess who’s one of the most beautiful authors ever!!! Cindy Ray Hale!

November 12, 2013

As many of you know, I provide editing services for authors. And I love it! It keeps me busy and happy, and it would be absolutely brilliant if one day I could support myself on just that and my writings.

One of the reasons I love editing is the lovely authors who go on to do fantastic things! Like publish! Cindy hired me to do content editing for her first novel, Destiny, which is the first book in a trilogy. Batabing, bataboom, she turned my and others edits into a brilliant first book!!! I bought a hard copy (for me to love and cherish forever) and an eBook version for my mom to put on her Kindle.



*dances in delight* Also, this is first time you can see my whole face, hello internet, how you doing

It really is an amazing story, delving into the human struggle of love and hate, acceptance and tolerance. The religious background is at once fascinating and horrifying–at one moment I’m clapping in happiness; the next I’m screaming in frustration. Her official description is:

“Destiny Clark, a young Mormon girl living in Tennessee, is wildly infatuated with Isaac Robinson, the headmaster’s son at her Baptist high school. When they’re cast together in the school’s production of Les Misérables, Destiny is horrified to find that she has to be publicly humiliated by acting out her true feelings of rejection onstage. As their rehearsals begin, Destiny realizes the unimaginable Isaac has developed deep feelings for her despite their religious differences and the fact that he has a girlfriend. But will they be able to find their place amongst the backbiters of their ultra-conservative world?”

Cindy went all out on this too. The cover is beautiful and really belongs in Barnes & Noble. You can view a well-made book trailer here.

I definitely encourage a read, and with holidays coming, it’s great for any of your YA lovin’ friends and familias. Destiny’s exploration of her own wants, desires, and beliefs is truly breathtaking, making my heart ache and echo her struggles. Cindy has practically bottled the high school experience. If you’d like to purchase your own copy, it’s here.

  1. Natalie! What a fun surprise! Thank you so much for all your help on my book. Did you see your name in the acknowledgements section yet? You’re an amazing editor, and I’m privledged to call you my friend.

    I feel like you really went above and beyond as an editor. Those looooong emails we sent back and forth discussing the plot and storyline were so exciting to read. You helped me so much. So many of these good reviews are because you pointed out my stupidity, and I thank you for that.
    Honestly, I’d recommend you to anyone. Your prices were fantastic, you were easy and fun to work with, you returned the manuscript in a timely fashion, and most importantly, you found some really big problems that I hadn’t noticed before.

    By the way, it really does my heart good to see your happy face next to my book. Feel free to use this comment as that feedback I was supposed to send you months ago…yeah I know. I’m horrible. Sorry!

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