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Still Editing The Bound Chronicles

January 6, 2014

Hello readers! Happy Holidays and New Year! It’s been super crazy for me; thus the lack of blogging. I’m also a bit of a loss of what to write about. With my thesis and college life finished, The Bound Chronicles is in a constant state of… editing. And more editing. How many blog posts can I write about editing? I mean, picture it: “Today I debated over whether I should put in this comma or not and decided to put it in. Then I pondered Brother Macbeth and complained about him to my mother and the Invisible Ninja Cat. I feel a little guilty about it, but not enough to stop complaining about problem character children to them.”

So… for you this means, you’ll probably hear less about The Bound Chronicles specifically, but maybe a post or two about the writing/editing process. As you may have noticed, I’ve made new tabs to separate The Bound Chronicles from my thesis, in case you want to just read about the publishing and editing of the story and skip my academic complaining. The posts will be about major changes as they happen. For instance, the new working title: The Christening.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? My mom thought of it! For clarity The Bound Chronicles is the name of the series, and The Christening is the name of the first book. I like it a lot because it’s an older term for baptism, which is wrought with appropriate metaphorical meanings: Catholicism/Christianity, beginnings, namings etc. It’s the beginning of these monks’ very long story, a christening does take place, and a naming involves all sorts of destiny and path choosing.

Other than that, the last major event was my first novel exchange. I’m usually a bit picky about my editors: I like to have met them and understand a little of their background—have an idea of how their mind works, gain a sense of their worldview, understand where they come from, know what stories they like. It’s difficult to establish over the internet, but this person had the Invisible Ninja Cat vouching for her. I’m still waiting for her novel, but she got mine back to me within a day, saying she couldn’t put it down. This was a huge compliment in and of itself! It made me super happy.

And not only that, she pointed out some very valid, sometimes huge flaws. The monks learn the Old English language too quickly. Macbeth could be more sympathetic to the reader: she suggested having chapters in his POV.  She confirmed that it’s not YA. I have this weird tendency to do bullet point-esque descriptions. Do I really want the final climatic scene to be in Mary’s POV? I can stop worrying about the Prologue. I neglected to outline the consequences of a monk ditching his Order! I’m super glad I did the exchange just for that because that’s a huge plot hole. Goodness gracious.

In the end, the novel exchange was 100% worth it for edits like this. I fully support and might do it again.  I know it’s good to send your work to someone who doesn’t know you so well, but this almost completely blind experience exceeded my expectations.

That’s all for now! Hopefully write to you next week!

  1. Yay! I’m glad Friend was able to help you with edits and vice versa! Though I may have created a monster…?

    Also your reorganization of the blog is great and makes all the sense. 😀 I particularly like the Bound Chronicles: The Christening section up top – it will make it very clear when the series happens that these books are part of the series in this order. Excellent!

    • Mwahaha, a well written monster with two heads! I haven’t gotten her work yet, so we’ll have to see. She and I can’t get into any more trouble than I do with Charlotte, can we?

      But huzzah! Thank you, lovely! I really appreciate it.

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