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Every Writer Needs a Library!

March 7, 2014

Hello! While I know there are many worse things than having a disorganized library, there’s nothing worse than having a disorganized library. Or a flooded library, come to think of it, and this past week our home library decided to do both of these things. Each of my family members has their own personal library (mine’s the largest), but we also have a communal one. We really like books, all right.

There was a huge rainstorm recently and, due to in-progress home improvements that I’ve not been keeping track of, there happened to a balcony post missing, a particular post which usually prevents rainwater from getting into our walls. Well, it wasn’t there. The books and electronics in our communal library came out okay, and it was actually a good impetus for us to reorganize. Mom and I went through a bunch of my brother and I’s old childhood books and sorted between what we want to keep and what we want to donate.

And since a lot of the picture books are going, we have a new spare bookcase and guess whose parents want her to stop creating mountain ranges of books on her bedroom floor? Mine! I have literally been keeping books in massive piles and milk crates for years. It’s not very nice to the books, and I’m really happy that some of these novels finally get an improved home. I depend on these pages not only to keep me happy, healthy, and sane, but also provide valuable research for my novels. They deserve the best!

And I took pictures!


In this first corner, we have the new, tall bookcase. Isn’t it nice? All of the books in there were on the floor. At the top we have manga, some I’ve been collecting since 6th grade. The next shelf down begins my writerly research books, going in chronological order from Ancient Greece to World War I-ish. There’s also some Shakespeare, because I’m a total Shakespeare nerd I have a lot of copies and this is the only place they all fit nicely together. The second to last shelf is full of old drafts and writer’s notebooks and the bottom shelf is concise histories, reference books on the UK, horses, & illness, Writer’s Markets, dictionaries, and books on writing.

The squat bookcase contains mythology/folklore and children’s fantasy. And a pinecone for reasons unknown. The top shelf is all about dragons. Seriously. That notebook peeking out on the end is full of notes on them.


Ah, this is the remaining pile of research materials that I’m in and out of for The Christening. My whole room used to look like this.


White bookcase that needs a back! Also the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, which I inherited from my grandmother. These shelves have children’s classics—volumes I read in older elementary/middle school—and the books given to me for my high school English classes, which were mostly pocket editions. The bag and box on the floor are books I’m borrowing from the Invisible Ninja Cat and various other persons.


And this is the picture of how I will die. I will die retrieving a book from this shelf. There’s going to be an inconvenient earthquake the exact moment I’m getting a book from this shelf in my closet (thus the tops of my scarves) and all the books will fall on me and I will die. Yep. I will die as I lived, reaching for modern day novels, historical fiction, primary source fiction, humor books, poetry, Neil Gaiman’s works, and books on languages. If you hear from me dying of anything else, then it is a lie.

And that’s my personal library! I think when I have another moment I’ll reorganize again, try to smooth out what’s where according to genre as opposed to when the book was given to me.

I hope all your libraries stay unflooded and very organized! See you next week!

  1. Pictures which have disappeared???

  2. Apparently I’ve now aligned the planets and sacrificed enough tears to get the pictures to show up. *sigh*

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