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Happy March Holiday Weekend!

March 15, 2014

March has a lot of holidays all crammed into one week, or at least it does for me: Pi Day (3/14), the Ides of March (3/15), and Saint Patrick’s Day (3/17). I thought for this week I would share my celebrations.

Yesterday, March 14th, was Pi Day, the day we celebrate mathematics and infinity and 3.14159265358…etc etc. For that we bake pie!

This year I went a liiiiiittle crazy with my pies. But I had a recruit and if two people think it’s okay than it can’t be that insane. Said recruit was Cesar Reyes, poet and truth-teller extraordinaire. We met at Corwin Press, where I was an intern and he’s currently a snazzy Editorial Assistant. You can read his work here on his Tumblr account, or follow him on Twitter here.

Anyway, we decided to make pies. Lots of pies. To be exact, we made a chocolate pudding pie, crustless, fake sugar pumpkin pie (same recipe as Libby’s but use fake sugar & dump goop into oven-safe bowl instead of crusted tin), vegan pumpkin pie, an apple pie, and a blueberry pie while still having time to play two board games. All those links go to recipes: the pudding pie is the recipe given on the chocolate Jello powder box. All this baking was tiring and crazy and fun, and I realized I should have taken pictures after Cesar had left with his apple pie. Oops.

Here’s what I was able to snap photos of before they were devoured.

Pi Day March 2014

The vegan pumpkin pie and blueberry pie. Cesar made the blueberry while I did the pumpkin. The reasons behind our choice of what kinds of pie to make were mostly based on who we could conceivably feed a lot of pie to. My dad requested the blueberry. I have a new internship at SAGE Publications’ Production Department, and the two vegans said they both liked pumpkin.

Pi Day March 2014 3

Above’s the chocolate pudding pie Cesar also made. It was also destined for SAGE, for those who are not vegan and like chocolate.

Pillars of the Earth game & book

Long time readers may remember that I once did a review of Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth and when I walked into a comic book shop and saw the game, I made an inarticulate noises of surprise and despair and pleasure. Mostly in that order. It actually plays really well and the Invisible Ninja Cat went halfsies on it with me. The picture is of both my copy of the book and the new game.

On actual Pi Day I ended up in Little Tokyo, weirdly enough, but I was able to wish lots of people happy Pi day, and bring the pies into work, so it felt well celebrated. And today’s the Ides of March! Eek! Schedule all your betrayals for today, readers. You can find me surfing the sandals and swords list on Netflix. Does anyone know if Carry on Cleo is any good?

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