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New Years’ Goals Check Up!

June 10, 2014

So, back in January, I set some writing-related goals for 2014. Since it’s now six months into the year, let’s see how I’m doing on them.

  • Finish editing The Bound Chronicles

I read through the manuscript once more, made some more cosmetic edits, and checked off all the edits suggested by my novel swap partner, except for one point about the monks learning Old English too quickly. Incorporating that suggestion would require an overhaul of the work, and I’m unsure if it’s entirely necessary: the monklings are very intelligent blokes and no one else has thought their quick language acquisition was unbelievable before. I’ve also sent the manuscript to one of my cousins, and he had a valuable, major-alteration suggestions. However, I decided that I’m not going to change the manuscript any more unless the edits are coming from a professional editor or someone directly involved in the publishing industry. If someone with those qualifications says I need to change things, I will make changes and while I’m at it make the language change and my cousin’s edits as well. The important thing about this goal was to bring the manuscript to a point where it would be marketable to an agent or publishing house at first read through: this has certainly been done, to my standards.

  • Find an agent for The Bound Chronicles (may take more than a year)

This is still in the works, but I certainly should hurry! I drafted a query letter, but I’m having trouble choosing 10 agencies I want to send it to first. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on how everything goes.

  • Post on this blog once a week.

You all are well aware of how this is going. I’m thinking of beginning a series of posts on how to accurately write horses and am hoping that those will boost the yearly post count to 52. I’m also considering changing it to a monthly posting next year.

  • Post more of my own content on Twitter, instead of retweeting everything, and at least two tweets per week.

My retweets have definitely lowered! I do think I could stand to tweet more and, since the profile format changed, I now have to figure out a new background photo. You’ll hear about that when it happens: I like to live-tweet my technological mishaps and whenever I do something new, there’s always technological mishaps.

And that’s that! There’s still a lot of work to do, but we have a long while until 2015. I hope you’re doing well with your goals!

  1. YES PLEASE write that post series on how to write horses. Every time I try to write about them I either have to pester you or spend hours scouring the internet for information. If you’d like, I’ll start texting you ideas for things to include in those posts as they occur to me, because I’m an absolute noob for pretty much all things horse-related and this is terrible for someone who wants to write a Victorian novel. Please save me from my own ignorance.




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