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Literary Agents Panel by Natalie Cannon

June 13, 2014

Check it out, ya’ll!

Charlotte Blackwood

Hello, all! This is the final set of notes from Natalie’s visit to the Ventura County Writer’s Weekend. I apologize that it’s taken us so very long to send it your way, but life has this way of doing things. Like getting in the way of desired productivity. Nevertheless, we have finished it, so here it is, with only minor edits done by myself! Enjoy, and check out the other works in this series if you’re just joining us and want to glean more of her insightful commentary!




Happy June! So remember like 5,000 years ago when I attended the Ventura County Writer’s Weekend and promised to write up my notes? Well, it’s about to end! This is the final installment, and it’s all about what literary agents want.

The panel was compromised of agents, including Toni Lopopolo of Toni Lopopolo Literary Management and Dana Newman of

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