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Four Past Writing Goals

December 28, 2014

The end of the year is less than a week away, so it’s time to review our 2014 writing goals!

Here Mine Be:

  • Finish editing The Bound Chronicles
  • Find an agent for The Bound Chronicles (may take more than a year)
  • Post on this blog once a week
  • Post more of my own content on Twitter, instead of retweeting everything, and at least two tweets per week.


I did declare The Bound Chronicles finished back in spring, but I’ve since decided that I want to go through another round of drastic edits.

I haven’t found an agent, but I’m proud of myself for making my Agent database and doing a full round of 10 queries. I received replies—all rejections—but that’s all part of the process. Looking ahead, I want to revise my synopsis and send a different section of the novel as my sample.

Oh god, the “post on this blog once a week.” This one haunted me all year. I did 36 out of 52, counting these 12 Days of Blogging. Abysmal. I think if I ever want to do a post a week again, I’ll have to write multiple posts at once and plan ahead more.

In stark, stark contrast, I’m doing really well with Twitter! It dawned on me that social media is supposed to be social and fun, and I’m having a lot of fun bopping about the #amwriting hashtag and my feed. There are so many great people out there.

That’s all for me. How did you do with your writing goals? Did you ace them all? Mixed? Forgot about them in February? As long as you kept writing this year, you accomplished a lot!

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