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Three Research Materials

December 28, 2014

Happy third/fourth day of Christmas! Has everyone recovered mostly? Or is the party still in full swing? My family’s bottle of peppermint schnapps is emptied, so we’re very, very done. And yet now we’re ramping up for New Year’s so I ran out of time to blog yesterday. Oops.

For this day, I wanted to share three new(ish) research materials I’ve decided to delve into to further polish up The Bound Chronicles. Two are gifts from my pillar of support, the Invisible Ninja Cat.

The first of the Invisible Ninja Cat’s gifts is The Medieval Health Handbook. It’s a medieval medical manual and, as many of my characters are physicians, it’s gift I offer a thousand thanks for. Not only will it give me more information about humeral medicine, but also allow me into my characters’ knowledge base and real treatments they would implement.

Second, the book, Clonmacnois. For those unfamiliar to my previous rants posts about my novel, three of my protagonists are monks and Clonmacnois is their home monastery. The Invisible Ninja Cat went to great time and trouble to excavate this book during her holiday in Ireland and I am eternally grateful. Written by Rev. John Ryan, Clonmacnois is an overview of the titular monastery. For one of the greatest medieval monasteries, there’s shockingly little public information available about this place online or in collegiate libraries on this side of the pond. This book is invaluable to me and I’ve already begun marking up important passages and tidbits to add that historical gloss to my work.

Last, but certainly not least, the Bible. Yep. I’m going to read the entire Catholic Youth Bible in 2015. Not only do I think it’s important personally, but also my monk characters know large chunks of it by heart. It’s important background information for getting to know them and their priorities.

While this may seem like a daunting task, I easily read this and more during a year. These books are just going to be buried in post-its notes. More than my other books already are. There’s no rest for the wicked, or the writerly bookworm.


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