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Six Novel Drafts

December 30, 2014

Oooohhhh, we’re halfway there; ohhhhhhh livin’ on a prayer.

*Ahem* As I’ve touched on in my other 12 Days of Blogging posts, The Bound Chronicles: the Christening is embarking on its sixth draft.

My creative writing teachers have often mentioned it takes 10 drafts to write anything decent, and it seems there’s at least no way I’m escaping with 5. Back in June, I mentioned that I wouldn’t make any more changes unless they were suggested by a professional, and a professional I got.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I attended the Ventura County Writer’s Weekend this year. In between attending the sessions (more on them later), I was lucky enough to have Monica Faulkner of Faulkner Consulting look at my prologue and synopsis and speak with me about it in a one-on-one session. Her main reaction was intrigued confusion. Intriguing is good; I like intrigued, but the confusion was obviously not the best. When I explained, she suggested that I focus in more, make my sample materials be more about the monks.

So. To implement this change, I’ll have to re-write my first chapter. And while I’m at that, then why not do all the other big changes people have suggested to me? These are:

  • a more medieval-y sounding voice
  • cut out unnecessary explanations of historical items
  • replace all passive verbs with active verbs
  • make sentences less wordy/complicated
  • raise stakes:
    • explain the negative consequences of leaving the brotherhood more
    • bring out Dubslaine’s dependence on God to explain his gift
  • show the landscape more rather than telling readers about it
  • consider ways to make the poisoning plot more complicated
  • consider way to spice up Chapter 5

These are more writing style corrections, of course. Content tinkerings will be after.

Oh dear. No rest for the wicked or the writerly.


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