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Eleven Writing Challenges

January 5, 2015

Since last blog post was about me writing, let’s get you writing! Here are 11 writing challenges/prompts for you.

  • Write a story set on Planet Claire (“planet Claire has green hair, all the trees are red…)
  • Write a poem with a speaker with a different gender than yourself. For example, if you identify as cis gay male, write a poem where the speaker is a trans man attracted to women. Sometimes this doesn’t affect the poem’s content, but it makes your mind bend and twist nicely.
  • Write a character who casually has a physical disability or is not neuro-typical. Not as a major plot point, but just as a part of them. Think about Katniss’s deafness after her first Hunger Games or Peeta’s amputation. Those didn’t stop them from doing great things, but it was mentioned and present in the book.
  • Pick a song and write a story to go with it. You can directly incorporate the lyrics or just follow the “feel” of the song.
  • Who’d want to kill you? Yes, you, specifically. Write a story where you’re a ghost observing your own murder investigation.
  • Write a story with a speaker who is a different race than yourself. Watch out for stereotypes!
  • Write a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery. (Bonus points if set in an alternate universe).
  • Write a Lovecraftian poem. (Bonus points for non-cliché tentacles)
  • In a surprise twist of fate and paperwork error, a character does not go to the afterlife they were expecting.
  • A science-loving girl is terrified of swords, sorcery, and heights. This is unfortunate as she inherits a dragon.
  • “Don’t you know what happens when you don’t tip the homeless?” “All I had was an orange!”

Please let me know if you take on any of these challenges! And in turn, do you have any challenges for me?

  1. Arkatos permalink

    I rather like the idea of a girl ‘inheriting a dragon’; but cannot take it up immediately, because I have already begun a story to suit a song (John Batdorf’s ‘Don’t Tell Me Good-Bye’). I have a few challenges for you, suggested by my friend Mr. Ric. Austinson:

    “Your character is in trouble with some high authority: what did it do? –How did it? –How does it get out of trouble?”; or

    “How do your characters ‘beat the heat’?”; or

    “create a remote region and describe ‘how your characters reach it'”; or

    “Describe a celebration among your main characters”.

    • Oooo, I listened to the song and it’s sad but good! Great for a tragic love story.

      I like your challenges! I think I’ll fill the ‘how do your characters ‘beat the heat.'” I’ll post my answer on my blog when I finish.

  2. Curious in Claremont permalink

    What makes a poem ‘Lovecraftian’ (beyond the inclusion of horrible monsters in remote places, and secrets “Frightening enough to drive sailors mad”)?

    • DReaMS aNd mADnEsS!
      Haha, no, it’s really up to you. HP Lovecrafts’s remote places and mad sailors have evolved into a whole aesthetic and horror subculture, so the challenge is to write a poem that pays homage/participates in that legacy. If you fulfill the challenge, please send a copy and/or link! I wrote that challenge because I want to read more eldritch works.

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