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Ten(ish) Short Fiction Ideas

January 5, 2015

Hello! A book swallowed me after work yesterday, so there was a distinct lack of blogging but a distinct amount of tea consumed. I also lost and regained my voice, which was an interesting experience I will file away for a future novel, as a writer does.

Needless to say, it was super energizing as well, so for the 10th Day of Blogging, I want to share 10ish short fiction ideas. Some of these I have posted on the blog before.

  • The Maux stories. I really like magical creatures and inventing new ones. Maux has never really left me. I received some feedback from early drafts that was promising as well, but length is going to be a problem. If I want to indulgent, it could be a novella, but I think the interesting portions are only short story-worthy
  • a short, humorous mystery story. The first draft written for a class, it was an ode to corny pop songs, Octavius, and Batman. Also the dangers of bagels.
  • Reworking “To Dispel My Nightmares.” I posted an early version here. I came across a more edited copy recently and think it has potential so sneak under the “dark fantasy” category.
  • A few years ago, I wrote the short story “Howl,” which was about werewolves. As a short story, it stayed in pleasant obscurity and garnered some critique about overuse of clichés and needing higher emotional stakes. As a fanfiction however, it took off and was expanded into a full novella sequel, with readers asking for more at the end. I still love the universe and if I could work it back into originality, I think it has the highest chance of success.
  • Moving away from past works, I’d like to write something about mermaids and books. Seriously. The Invisible Ninja Cat showed me a comic about all good sailors knowing that, to ensure a good voyage, they must read books to mermaids. I instantly felt I need to write this.
  • Perhaps more as a novella than a short story, but I have an idea for a science fiction work. This again involves a creature, but the creature veers into science fantasy instead of hard science fiction or pure fantasy. This being’s soul is shared between two bodies, a bit how they are for daemons and humans in His Dark Materials universe, but both halves are humanoid and the bits of soul-ness each receives are very specific. I want to drop this creation in the middle of a grand political intrigue, but I’m still working on a) how to make characters that are that immoral and b) how to get all that world-building across.
  • I’m not sure if it will translate well into a short story, but I think it would be really, really interesting if I tried to short story-ize The Bound Chronicles. As in the series. For an experiment. I’m not sure it will go anywhere, but it will be interesting.

That’s all I’ve got so far. Pretend that novellas count as more than one. I’m not like Charlotte Blackwood who has so many ideas her notebooks could stock a paper company, so 7 is a lot for me, especially with a novel already on. The Christening sucks up a lot of my creativity.

What about you all? Do you have a lot of ideas constantly? Or are you more like me where you just become electrified once in a while?

  1. Number six is ALL THE SHINY.

    That is all.

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