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Writing Goals Check Up!

July 15, 2015

Since the sixth month of the year has passed us by, it’s time to review how we’re doing on those new year resolutions we made back in January. It really feels so long ago now.

  • Continue doing an hour a day on Twitter—while I do take days off, I consider this goal completely on track!
  • Finish 6th draft of The Bound Chronicles—done! I finished draft 6 in March. I sent the behemoth to betas, and two have gotten back to me.
  • Continue querying & seeking an agent—after implementing the betas’ edits, I will start this again
  • Figure out GoodReads—done! You can check out my profile here.
  • Research potential marketing plans for The Bound Chronicles—reviewing this goal now, it seems a bit premature. Actions are percolating in my brain, but I haven’t written any down. Dunno if those count then.
  • Take on more editing clients—yes! I signed up for the Editorial Freelancers Association and I’ve worked with many more lovely authors through there.
  • Blog once a month—I owe one more post besides this one, but overall I’ve been keeping up!

How about you? How are those writing goals going? I feel like I’m really progressing my writing career this year and that makes the artist in me quite happy.

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