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About Me

Hello! Welcome to Letters to the World!

I’m a historical fiction and urban fantasy writer who writes about the UK a lot for someone from California. Currently I live in Pennsylvania with my partner. Together we drink lakes of tea, read mountains of books, haunt hallways of museums, play hoards of games, conduct raids on the local library, and successfully (?) convince people we are not a bunch of cats & cuttlefish stacked on top of one another in a trench coat.

Letters to the World was originally my blog for posting my creative works. It then became a live blog of my experience writing my undergraduate senior thesis. Now it is more of a storage closet and a way to employ my Editorial Services. Yes, I’m the Natalie Cannon mentioned on Charlotte Blackwood’s site.

Other than that, you can follow more of my shenanigans on my Twitter and GoodReads or learn my epic backstory on LinkedIn. Unless otherwise stated, all works that appear on this site are mine.

May your lives be phantasmic!

Natalie Cannon

Preferred Pronouns: she/her/herself

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    Hi, ILY

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