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My Writing: a summary


So in addition to blogging, I write. My current main project is The Bound Chronicles, which grew out of my undergraduate senior thesis project. All posts under my Thesis tab are basically liveblogs about the inspiration, writing, editing, and overall creation of the piece while it was my senior thesis. For more current updates, check out The Bound Chronicles tab.

What are The Bound Chronicles? The Chronicles will be a six book series that charter two characters’ journey with each other through time. They will come together and blow apart and face the ravages of being continually reborn and destined to meet. The first book is how it all begins–with three Irish monks leaving their home monastery for the lauded white martyrdom of exile in 892 A.D. Letting God guide their footsteps, they sail to England where they meet the swineherd’s daughter Mary, King Alfred the Great, and the horror that is the Vikings, and these encounters force them to examine their choices in a way none of them thought they’d ever have to, had ever thought possible.

This first book is in the editing stages (wouldn’t want my debut novel to be less than my best!). It’s currently on draft #5 as far as editing goes. I’m also drafting query letters and soon will be on the look out for agents.

My other projects are less definite. A collection of my poetry and fiction is already on this site under their respective tabs. I have vague plans to release a short story collection featuring magical creatures. I have an idea of a sci-fi novel, but my ability with political manipulations needs practice. Overall, my writing interests are in the historical and fantasy genre.

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