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My Writing: a summary

Hello! Thank you for finding your way here.

At Scripps College I designed my own major called Creative Writing with Emphasis on Medieval and Renaissance History. After graduation and a stint in academic publishing, I threw myself into professional editing and earned an MFA in Creative Writing: Fiction from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Among all of that, there has been a lot of writing.

My published work includes:

My yet-to-be published writing can be divided into two parts: urban fantasy short stories and an opus historical fiction series.

Several short stories are begging at various literary magazine doorsteps. These works made up my master’s thesis from Fairleigh Dickinson and are essentially a collection of urban fantasy stories featuring LGBTQIA magical creatures. They can range from Young Adult to New Adult, lyrical to straightforward adventure, flash fiction to a novella. If you’re interested in learning more about them, please query me at

My novel series is called The Bound Chronicles, which grew out of my undergraduate senior thesis project. All posts under my Thesis tab are live blogs about the inspiration, writing, editing, and overall creation of the piece while it was my senior thesis. For more current updates, check out The Bound Chronicles tab.

What are The Bound Chronicles? The Chronicles will be a six book series that charter two characters’ journey with each other through time. They will come together and blow apart and face the ravages of being continually reborn and destined to meet. The first book is how it all begins: with three Irish monks leaving their home monastery for the lauded white martyrdom of exile in 892 C.E. Letting God guide their footsteps, they sail to Britain, a land studded with a terrifying mix of beauty and horror, home to a wise king, ruthless Vikings, and casual decapitations. Maclinmun finds himself increasingly drawn to the secular life of a family; Macbeth grapples with what it means to love in a kingdom that only understands violence; Dubslaine, plagued with psychic visions since birth, struggles to keep the trio together and sane. Mary, a swineherd’s daughter with the twin vices of ambition and curiosity, is another question altogether.

This first book, working title The Christening, is in the editing stages. It’s currently on draft #9. If you’d like to learn more about this project, please feel free to email me at

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