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Hello! Not only do I say things about me, but other people do too!

Natalie is one of the most thorough, creative, unbiased editors out there. She notices all of those little things that sneak by, even in just a read through or two. She’s prompt as can reasonably be expected of a fellow human being and does an amazing job of giving her own insight into the work. She makes it clear (as not all editors do) that she is not all-knowing and that her suggestions that do not have to do with errors of spelling and grammar are merely suggestions (albeit usually good ones) and doesn’t mind if you choose to ignore her on stylistic decisions, which is especially nice for those wishing to self-publish and not wanting too squashing of an editorial eye. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Natalie for her enthusiastic, dedicated work well-done. 

-Charlotte Blackwood, blogger & author of the novella Those We Trust (also on Amazon,, & iTunes)

Natalie edited my thesis on water reuse and encouraged me during the process of writing. Her edits were clear, thorough, and prompt. My thesis would not have been as clear as it is without her assistance, and working with her was exceptionally helpful to me. I also know that she habitually copyedits for author Charlotte Blackwood, who has self-published on Amazon and is pleased by her work

-Hillary Shipps, blogger & author of Water Reuse as Part of San Diego’s Water Portfolio (you can download it for free!)

Natalie was a wonderfully helpful beta reader for my YA fantasy novel. She provided comprehensive notes on pacing, chapter layout, and worldbuilding. She was equally helpful with minor details and major plot points.

-Shayla C., aspiring YA fantasy author

Do you want to say something about me? Feel free to contact me at with what you’d like to say. If you didn’t have a good experience with me, I want to hear about it too, so I can improve!

  1. Donna R. Phillips permalink

    Natalie edited my booklet “Secrets of Successful Yard Sales” and did an excellent job. Her edits were consistent and neatly penned. I would highly recommend her services.

    Donna R. Phillips, freelance writer

  2. Natalie has twice been my editor now in the last year, and I am delighted with each time I have hired her. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and nurturing. Her attention to detail is brilliant, and she went beyond what I’d expected in my Western novel by finding anachronistic phrases. If you want a good job done, hire Natalie!

  3. Kari Kirbach Parker permalink

    Natalie is a wonderful and brilliant person with great creativity. She provided constructive feedback on essays and was very flexible and diligent in meeting my timelines. If you need a writer or editor, she is the one!

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